About Charlene
Charlene Liana Singh was born on May 10th, 1979 in the United Kingdom where she led a normal, going to school sibling rivalry, and imaginative life.

In 1992 she moved with Lisa, Dad, and I to the United States. She attended Norland Middle School and moved on to Miramar High School where she participated in the foreign exchange program in Uzbekistan, Russia and submitted voluntary hours to various organizations. Charlie graduated from Miramar in 1997 finishing fourth in the top of her class with highest honors.

With much earned scholarships and grants, Charlie attended the University of Miami. In-between school and friends she worked part time at The Miami Herald. By May, 2001 she graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, marking her the first grandchild to graduate from a university.

To describe Charlie I would have to use words like:
Charlie knew exactly what she wanted. She went for it and didn't care what or who was in her way or the obstacles she had to overcome. Even when the odds were against her, she would plow straight through it and come out of top all the time. She even proved the doctor's wrong when they said she only had a couple months and she stayed with us for almost three years. She always exceeded people's expectations of her.
Even though our sister was incredibly strong, she was also a humanitarian. If she wasn't busy organizing The March of Dime's Walk with The Miami Herald or participating in an Indian Fashion Show in front of hundreds of people, she was baking cookies, or brownies, or Sheppard's Pie for someone.

When I first moved out and was discovering independence, Charlie would call me when she was home alone to pass by and get something to eat, although I was not to touch the brownies! The way she would look out for me sometimes make me think - I am the oldest, right?
While growing up, fighting amongst the three of us was a very common thing and her voice always seemed to be the loudest. But if one of our cousins tried to annoy one of us, then the other two of us automatically stepped in. As they say: A single twig may break by itself, but a few can reinforce each other together and be strong.

Growing up everyone would say how much we looked alike, I guess so much so that they would call us by each other's names, even our own family did it. And if that wasn't bad enough, so did Dad. We eventually got so used to it that we would just answer anyway, unless it sounded like we were in trouble in which case neither of us answered. But other than looking alike, Charlie and I could not have been more different. She was the strong minded go getter and I was the laid back, "chillin" one. She studied hard and I watched TV. Her side of the room was nice and neat and mine was, well, not so neat. But in all that she did, not only did she manage to be my big sis, but she was also my mum. She was always there for me, she looked out for me, and even though she was only a year and a half older than me, she taught me things growing up with a father I would have otherwise had to find out for myself. How she did it? I just don't know. She taught me how to tie my laces, she taught me how to drive, she also nagged the hell out of me, but I'm sure it was for my own good.

She was and is my inspiration in many things, especially when it came to school and creating a future for myself. She would also tell me that if I ever needed anything, I should ask her and nobody but her, no matter what.

Today is my chance to thank you for being there for me Charlie and for taking care of me; I will always feel a void in my life where you are supposed to be and now that you are gone I realize and really do appreciate what and who you are and what I am now without. I am also so blessed to have known you and very proud to call you my sister. My life without you will never be the same. You are truly a unique and extraordinary woman, but above all, irreplaceable. I love you and I miss you greatly… you will FOREVER be in my heart.

Charlie, we're very happy that you are no longer suffering, but we miss you so much that it hurts. And while you are not here next to us, we know that your sparkle always is and will help us get through the days to come.

We Love You.
By Dave (Brother) & Lisa (Sister)
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