Patrick and Sharon:

Received the book in yesterday's mail and finished it last night. Thank you for writing such a heartfelt and sincere book. Recalling the past during her illness and putting it down on paper must have been terribly difficult. But also so soothing and fulfilling to remember her as a child growing into a beautiful woman, adoring her father. As I read your words it brought back all those memories during my husband's illness with sCJD. Words I could never put down in writing. Your devotion and your family's devotion to Charlene represents the simplicity of love and strength in time of need.

Linda Zaccaro
Dearest Sharon,

How sincerely good it is to read an email from you. I was secretly hoping you would write to me again.

I think of Charlene quite often, and keep her photo in my basket of papers so I run across it monthly. Also, I play the Bend It Like Beckham CD of music and for some reason, I feel it has her "spirit"--whatever that means to you!

Anyway, I will see if I can get my paws on this book Lethal Souvenir about a very strong spirit indeed.

Also, I have submitted my article and sidebar to the American Healthcare Journalists contest; and I feel I have won it. This sounds crazy, I know, but I feel my story about this was the best submission. If it is not announced as the officiall winner, I don't even mind, because I know it was the best story of 2007 and that I wrote my heart out and it showed.

So, this niece of yours is very powerful.

The story of CJD continues on and is buried still too much for my comfort, but I feel I am not done this this topic and follow it continually.

(I also notice the avian flu topic seems downplayed by public health experts. If you want, I can email you official government reports/emails about the w.virginia and virginia outbreaks in summer of 2007 which are downplayed--yet they torched the farm and bleached the soil!)


May Charlene keep living through us all,


Dear Mr. Singh,

Thank you for your reply.  Megan reminded me of Charlene; bright, always smiling, recent college graduate and starting a promising career and life before being taken by this awful disease.  Marcia, Megan’s mom, has been writing on www.carepages.com since July of 2007 about their painful journey.  I suggested she write a book too, like you did.  Writing seems to soothe her soul.

I attached two of the care page stories and Megan’s obituary so you could see her photo.  She was beautiful, like Charlene.  Megan had long dark hair and sparkling eyes and was around the same age.  I hope you don’t mind my sharing this with you.

I will let the family know of your offer regarding communication.  Thank you so much for sharing Charlene’s story with the word.  This disease needs more exposure and doctors need to diagnose it earlier.

Have a blessed day.


Elaine Bandzul
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