I also received the book yesterday and finished reading it yesterday, as well. As with so many here, I couldn't put it down. Patrick and Sharon, this was a fitting tribute.

Hi Patrick,

I and everyone here are fine. I have indeed received and read the book. I thought you don’t ever have to worry if you done Charlene justice. I read it on Saturday and did not leave it down until I had finished it, sorry I tell a lie, I put it down to dry my tears.

So many similarities’ to Jonny and this family’s commitment and determination to do the best they can in the face of adversity. It was written from the heart and struck a chord in my heart. I can only imagine what grief you went through in writing this masterpiece, but hey, it needed to be done for many reasons. Perhaps some scientific boffin will read it and find out the reality that there is a human being at the end of these groups of diseases.

I am not sure if you are aware of the ‘foot prints in the sand’. If not, the gist is someone’s presence is felt as another walks along a beach….the person walking turns around and no-one is there but still the presence of another is still felt… again looking back the walker can only see one set of footprints, however, the presence of someone else being with them is still there. The moral of the story is that although one cannot see another…and indeed there is only 1 set of footprints in the sand… there is definitively someone there… but if we cannot see them where are they… the answer to that is easy…In our hearts, minds, and soul.

I thank you for sharing with me your journey and generously providing the book. I attempted attaching a copy of song (perhaps not your Genre) which is as close to what I feel is appropriate to you, however, it wouldn't send. So, I shall attempt to send it in another format smaller to its size.

Please give our love to Sharon and the rest of the family.

Take care, will speak soon
Most sincerely

Bonded by CJD

just to let you know my husband and i attended the memorail service last saturday in london  it was very moving.a white rose was thrown into the thames for charlene with all the  other victims of vcjd thinking of  your family,

hi sharon,

had to write to you after reading charlens story, our close friend christine lord only gave into me last tuesday when we (thats my husband and i) were in portsmouth to support christine in one of her talks for justice for andy.   we have got to know christine because we too lost our most beloved son on 23may 2006 through vcjd through contamenated blood,i know exatly what your whole family have gone through as we went through that same terrible trauma for caring for our loved one and the words WHY WHY WHY are not strong enough. i cried my eyes out reading the book,my husband is trying to write a book but finds it to painful. please if you can please answer as i feel great support with other familys who have been through this evil  thing that took our children away.  fondest love

eve buckland
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